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How to install a street sign

I have written this article to share my knowledge of how to properly install a street sign. I will explain the proper methods of finding an appropriate location for the sign and setting it at the correct height. In this article I will use the example of installing a stop sign. The process is fairly simple and contains only a few steps. I hope to be able to write additional article link this in the future

First: Placement of the pole.

Some of the things that I will say in this article will be obvious, but I will state them anyway. Imagine that you are approaching an intersection that has a four way stop. What side of the street is the stop sign on? Well, this is the first and most basic of rules. The stop sign will always be placed on the right side of the road. The sign on the right hand side of the road can be supplemented with an additional stop sign on the left hand side of the street but in a majority of intersections the pole and sign will be found only on the right side of the street. How close to the intersection should the sign be placed? The stop sign should be placed near the point where the cars are to stop. Typically the sign and poll should not be more than 50 feet from the intersecting roadway and it should not be installed on the far side of the intersection. If the intersection contains a crosswalk, the sign should be placed four feet in advance of the crosswalk. Not all intersections are perfectly straight, so you must be sure to angle the signs so that they are visible to the approaching traffic. Proper location of each sign is essential to obtain maximum efficiency, visibility, and effectiveness.

Second: Digging the hole and pole length

Several factors must be determined before any digging begins. First, what is the minimum height of the sign? This is the least amount of distance allowable between the bottom of the sign and the ground. This distance between the bottom of the sign and the ground will be regulated by your state or the federal government. This regulation is necessary to prevent signs from being installed directly on the ground or very high up in the air. The distance is set to help motorists have maximum visibility of the sign. Second, depending on the minimum distance requirement, you must select a pole that will allow the sign to be at or above the minimum You cannot forget that the pole will be buried in the ground at least 2 to 3 feet. Therefore it you have a minimum height requirement of 7 feet to the bottom of the sign, you would use a 10 foot pole.

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